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  • 28 May 2023
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Small-town roots, big-time dreams: A Bathinda girl’s journey to pursue Ph.D. in the USA under fellowship

Meet our achiever Manjinder Kaur who made it big with determination and smart work. Manjinder Kaur is set to pursue a Ph.D. from the University of North Texas, one of the top universities in Denton, USA, under a fellowship. 

Small town to CBSE 12th District Topper

Manjinder hails from a small town and has always wanted to achieve high. Her father is a Sewadar in Gurdwara Sahib, and her mother is a homemaker. While growing up, she wanted to go to Canada, and to achieve her dream, she always focused on her studies. She topped her district in CBSE 12th Boards by securing 96.2%. After completing school, the IELTS exam. But the Almighty has set different plans for her.

Life-Changing Event: Discovering Akal University

She was visited by the faculty members of Akal University, who congratulated her on her achievements. Fascinatingly, Manjinder visited Akal University, and this changed her life completely. She was impressed by the University’s peaceful and safe environment, which facilitates the student’s growth and is necessary to concentrate on her studies. She was admitted to B. Com ( Hons. ), where she also received a scholarship based on her merit.

Journey At Akal University

Her experience at Akal University has played a crucial role in her success. The Kalgidhar Trust, Baru Sahib, fully funded her studies at Akal University. The Kalgidhar Trust aims to bring social change and lays special emphasis on empowering women through education. Many students avail   FREE education from the Kalgidhar Trust in the University.

She shares that one of the unique aspects of the University is that it conducts weekly tests every Monday, enabling the students to track their studies and identify and improve their areas.

After graduation, she benefited by Akal University offer of an MBA 1+1 specializing in Business Analytics program, which was different from what other universities offer. 

During her MBA, she also completed 2 internships, one at Grant Thornton in Delhi, the seventh-largest corporation in the world, and the other at IIVP in London, which gave her practical exposure. The internships gave her confidence, but this was not what she wanted to achieve. She was not happy. 

Dr.  Gurpreet Dhillon, Honorary Dean and Founder of Akal Business School, Akal University Talwandi Sabo, guided and motivated her to pursue Ph.D. 

From Quality Education at Akal University to University at North Texas

With the quality education she received at Akal University, she could secure a fully funded Ph.D. in Information Technology and Decision Sciences at the University of North Texas. She has also received a Graduate Assistantship of $28000  per year. 

Manjinder’s Gratitude to Akal University’s Faculty

She is extremely grateful to Dr.  Gurpreet Dhillon for his emotional support, motivation, and guidance to take admission to Ph.D. and clear GMAT. She is also thankful to Somendra Pant, Director of Akal Business School, Mr. Amanjeet Singh Bhandhari, Assistant Professor in Commerce, and other faculty members for their guidance and support, and Harmeet Singh for mentorship during her academic journey. 

She also credits her success to her family for their unshakable support in achieving her dreams. She felt extremely fortunate to have such a supportive family and faculty to believe in her and help her achieve high. 

A Prominent Researcher and Giving Back to Society

 Manjinder is determined to become a prominent researcher and give back to her community and society. She also wants to inspire other girls to dream big; every girl should be educated. She wishes to work towards finding solutions to some of the world’s pressing problems, such as cyber security and analysis. 

Manjinder’s achievement is a testament to her dedication, hard work, and quality education provided at Akal University. Akal University aims to prepare students for a world full of opportunities. Many students avail of FREE education from the Kalgidhar Trust in the University. She is also one of the students pursuing post-graduation

Her story is an inspiration to many. She always suggests others dream big and work dedicatedly to achieve their dream. There is nothing that one cannot achieve.

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