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Akal University Creating Ecosystems for Entrepreneurs
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  • 28 May 2023
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Akal University Creating Ecosystems for Entrepreneurs

In today’s world, a university can be successful when innovation & ideas come into reality. A university needs to establish an incubator cell wherein ideas can exist. 

Sant Baba Iqbal Singh Ji’s vision was to educate and empower rural youth. That is why Akal University is on the verge of setting up an incubation center. 

However, these incubation cells require seed funding from industry experts. 

7 years back, Premjeet Singh, founder of Tech Tailor in IIM Banglore, met the team of The Kalgidhar Trust, Baru Sahib, during a Bangalore trip for the #EducatetoSave campaign. He is now guiding and connecting with top industry leaders, showing and sharing with us their domain knowledge and setting up an incubator.

Several meetings have been conducted during the last two months to achieve this milestone. 

These industry experts shared their expertise and insights and emphasized the critical elements required for a thriving incubator cell to establish an incubation center. 

The details of the meetings are as follows:

Expert Advice from Vijetha Shastry

The Akal University team had the pleasure of meeting with Vijetha Shastry, Associate Director with Dexter Capital

One of the crucial insights was the importance of creating a supportive ecosystem for startups, including access to resources such as funding, mentorship, and networking opportunities. 

He also emphasized collaboration and partnerships with industry leaders and other regional incubators. 

Vijetha provided practical advice on the operational aspects of setting up an incubator cell, including the startup selection process, the management of the incubator space, and the development of a solid team to support startups. 

Insightful Session on Entrepreneurship and Innovation with Kamal Chabbra

Akal University hosted an enlightening session on Entrepreneurship & Innovation by Kamal Chabbra, Founder & CEO at KC GlobEd. He shared the challenges and lessons he learned throughout his journey. His insights inspired the audience to pursue their entrepreneurial aspirations. His passion for innovation left a lasting impression on everyone present.

He committed to supporting the University in establishing an incubation cell. His commitment is a testament to his dedication to encouraging a culture of innovation.

Guidance on Entrepreneurship and Incubation by Anand Sri Ganesh

Anand Sri Ganesh, the Chief Operating Officer of NSRCEL, spent time with the management of the University. His vision aligns perfectly with our aspirations at Akal University. Through his guidance, we have gained a deeper understanding of enabling our country’s entrepreneurship ecosystem through capacity building, co-incubation, fundamental research, and policy analysis.

Dr. Sonali Gupta’s Insights on Establishing and Operating an Incubation Cell

Dr. Sonali Gupta is an experienced entrepreneur, an expert in incubation and startup ecosystems, and the Director of M.S. Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences. Dr. Gupta shared insights on the challenges that incubation cells typically face and guided how to overcome them.

Akal University’s Commitment to Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Akal University runs on three basic principles of Higher education, Teaching, Learning, and research, and is committed to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship. Akal University is setting up an incubation cell to empower students to become successful entrepreneurs.

We are grateful to Premjeet Singh for his guidance and assistance. Meeting with Premjeet Singh Ji fueled our desire to develop an incubation center that fosters the entrepreneurial spirit of our students and the broader community.

Join Akal University’s Incubator Journey

We want top industry experts, social philanthropists, corporates, and other angel investors to come forward and support us in establishing an incubation cell. 

If you have any ideas or expertise and can share your valuable time, please get in touch with us at or

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