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From here… great scholars will spread the divine message of Sri Guru Granth Sahib among the people in the entire world in their respective languages resulting in universal peace and brotherhood:

Three centuries ago, the tenth Master, Guru Gobind Singh Ji stayed at Talwandi Sabo, finalized the compilation of Guru Granth Sahib Ji and prophesied that this place will manifest as Guru Ki Kashi-a great Centre of teaching and learning from where will emerge great scholars of Sikhism.

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    Unique at AU

    Our endeavour at Akal University is to help the students to discriminate between the valuable and the superficial in life.

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    Akal Alumni

    Since 2015 more than 700 students have graduated from Akal University and many of them are pursuing careers in the social sector.

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    Scientific Events

    The scientific events that shaped the decade. The microbes inside you, the edges of the known universe, and all the amazing stuff in between.

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    Societies & Clubs

    Clubs and societies are possibly one of the single most important aspects of student life.

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Registration for UPSC-Civil Services Project 2024: Entrance Test

Registration for UPSC-Civil Services Project 2024: Entrance Test Akal University is conducting an Entrance test on 23rd June 2024 to select students who passed their class XII th board exam in 2024 with 90 percent or above for their Civil Services Project 2024 The interested UPSC aspirants can register through below listed weblink on or […] Read More

Alumni Meet And Convocation 2024

General Instructions for Participants 3rd Alumni Meet– May 20, 20243rd Convocation – May 21, 2024 Participants for Convocation need to register online themselves with the Google form(Link also available on Website) by May 20, 2024. The registration fee is Rs. 1000/- (nonrefundable) for Convocation and Alumni meet combined which should be paid by thedegree recipients […] Read More

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11 Jun 2024

Constructing Enduring Memories in May

This May our campus recorded various monumental events, including the organization of an international webinar, alumni meet, convocation, the establishment of a comfort corner, and digital library. Akal University holds a strong commitment to the transformative role of higher education institutes in empowering the student community. It is approaching its goals while investing in rigorous […]

08 Jun 2024

Why study Psychology at Akal University?

A psychology course is a popular choice for students who are interested in understanding human behavior and mental processes. Psychology courses offer a fascinating journey into the human mind and behavior, exploring various aspects of cognition, emotion, development, and personality and making a meaningful impact on society. Here’s why studying psychology at Akal University is […]

05 Jun 2024

Establishment of Comfort Corner Raises Hopes for Many!

“In a room full of speakers, sometimes all you need is an attentive listener,” Lisa Gupta Academic, social, and psychological challenges coexist with the excitement of student life. They hesitate to express their feelings because they are sometimes ensnared in a maze of complicated feelings. It creates a vicious cycle of negativity, and they discover […]

30 May 2024

Celebrating Scholarly Milestones at 3rd Convocation Ceremony

“Holding my degree in my hands has given me a sense of great pride beyond the expression of words. The feeling of graduation offers a sense of completeness as it is a testament and acknowledgment of the tireless efforts we invest in making this day a reality,” shared by Deedarpreet Kaur, Alumna Department of English […]

22 May 2024

Psychology Students’ Remarkable Feat in ICSSR Seminar

Akal University Students Shine with Sustainable Marketing Research In a remarkable display of academic prowess, three students from the Department of Psychology at Akal University have left an indelible mark on the academic landscape. Under the adept guidance of Assistant Professor Ms. Priyanka, Ms. Rupinder Kaur, Ms. Anmoldeep Kaur, and Ms. Komaldeep Kaur showcased their […]

22 May 2024

Celebrating the Excellence in April

April is featured with significant happenings in Akal Campus such as the International Conference, NSS Camp, numerous expert talks, observing Earth Day, Autism Awareness Day, celebrating scholarly achievements of professors and students, etc. This piece of reading reveals the wonderful sights of this month. Empowering Lecture by Dr. Divya Gupta Jindal Red Ribbon Club hosted […]
Session 2023-24 registrations are now open

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Unlike most of the educational entities having commercialized the higher education by operating like business ventures, the Akal University has mandated to uphold the three basic principles of higher education namely.

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Take a tour in Akal University and you will find the best university in the state. The video will take you to every places in this university.
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Aiding Humanity with the Significant Participation in Red Ribbon Club

Since the inception of Akal University’s Red Ribbon Club in 2016 it has been raising hopes for millions of people as it is running various awareness campaigns, saving lives by donating blood, and approaching the construction of a healthier society. Red Ribbon Club is an initiative of the Government of India through which educational institutes […] Read More

Crafting the Memorable Experiences at the International Conference on Mapping Violence and Social Exclusion in Urban Narratives (ICMVSE-2024)

Objectives of ICMVSE-2024 The conference was held on 22-23 February 2024, aiming to expose the hidden realities of urban space and discover the impacts of marginalization faced by underprivileged sections of the cityscape. At the conference, esteemed experts, scholars, and research enthusiasts shared their perspectives. The mingling of various thoughts, ideas, and dialogue exchange has […] Read More

“Creating and Publishing Digital Content for Impact using SEO Techniques, for Universities”- a Two day Workshop and MasterClass

Two day Workshop and MasterClass -“Creating and Publishing Digital Content for Impact using SEO Techniques, for Universities”

Read More

Project Akal Herbal Greens: Promoting Herbal Gardens in Residential and Industrial Space

With an aim to promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage sustainable practices, Akal University has initiated a new project called Akal Herbal Greens. The project focuses on creating small herbal gardens in residential and industrial spaces, thus promoting the use of natural and organic products. The project’s salient features include: The benefits of Akal Herbal […] Read More

What Our Students Say

My experience at Akal University is outstanding. I checked out many universities However, the other universities only offered specializations in Marketing, Finance, and Human Resources, and the fees were also relatively high. On the other hand, Akal University offers an MBA specializing in Business Analytics,
Rasleen Kaur

After completing my Grade 12th, I was looking for an institution that was highly equipped with the instruction of Physics, and that is when I stumbled upon Akal University. Akal University is highly equipped with advanced labs and faculty with outstanding credentials.
Harjaganjot Kaur

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    Prof. R.K. Kohli

    Former Vice-Chancellor
    Central University of Punjab

    Prof. G.J.V. Prasad

    Former Director, JNIAS
    Jawaharlal Nehru University
    New Delhi

    Prof. Harpal Singh Pannu

    Chair Professor
    Guru Gobind Singh Chair
    Central University of Punjab

    Prof. K.K. Bhasin

    (FNASc, FPASc)
    Former, Dean Faculty of Science
    Panjab University