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A community outreach program on drug abuse prevention was organized by the department of psychology, Akal University Talwandi Sabo at Ubbha in the district of Mansa, Punjab. The program was focused on disseminating awareness about the ill-effects of drug abuse and psycho-educating the villagers how to prevent drug abuse and living drug free healthy life. The program was initiated with a rally involving Head & faculty members and students of Department of Psychology, Akal University resonating the slogans and banners appealing villagers to say no to drugs in any form visited almost every important place in the village with local administrative officials with same massage. After the rally, a special lecture was delivered by Dr. Ravneet Kaur, Faculty of department of psychology, Akal University providing information about harmful effects of drug abuse and what are preventive measures to say no to drugs and put life into psychosocial and spiritual growth. She also added the role of value of religion and culture to eradicate drug abuse. Further, students has organized two plays, one enlightening the menace of drug abuse which showed how drug abuse distort the psychological well-being and family life of drug addicts. In the another play, students have showed what are benefits of say no to drugs and how it can enhance the quality of life and success. One of the students has demonstrated a monoact in which he showed behavioral and mental distortions which ruins the life of a responsible youth. Local school students along with their teachers have also participated in the program. The program was entirely supported by Akal University and local administration of Ubba, Mansa. At the end of the program, Mr. Mavi honored and thanked the present officials of local administration and faculty members of Department of Psychology for their support and cooperation. The program and performances of the students were highly appreciated by the villagers.

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