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A day to commemorate Birth Anniversary of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

Physics Association, Department of Physics, Akal University Talwandi Sabo organized one day event to commemorate Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam on his birth anniversary on October 16, 2019. An innovative Model Making competition was organized during this event in the morning session. With the guidance of Dr. Sukhjeet Singh (HoD Physics), all the students from department of physics participated actively and show great enthusiasm. The students from other department of the university along with their teachers visited the department and discuss the physics model from their fellow colleagues. The active discussions with members of expert panel encourage the students to perform again with a bigger motivation in intra-university and inter-university activities. The members of expert panel include Dr. Shantanu Ghosh, Dr. Sandeep Kumar, Dr. Somi Ram and Mr. Rajat Singla. The prime motive of this   event was to study science, in particular physics, in a better manner and motivate the students to opt physics for their future studies as well. It was a two-way communication programme, where the visitors learned from the students and the students learned from the visitors as well.

The models presented by the students cover the topics from all over the physics including gravity, Space-time Curvature, electronics, electrical circuits, magnetism, standard model, simulations, projection technology, etc. Prof. M.S. Johal (Dean Academic Affairs) and Dr. Swaran Singh (Registrar) visited as a Chief Guest and encouraged the students. They along with other faculty members provide good remarks about the entire activity. In fact, every faculty member and students (physics and non-physics background) enjoyed the elegance of Physics and the event ended up as a great learning platform.

In the second component of the program, students discuss about the life and achievements of Dr. Abdul Kalam. Mr. Sukhveer, student of B.Sc. (Hons.) Physics, gave an overview of the Nobel Prizes and discuss in detail about the Nobel Prizes in Physics 2019. The stage was conducted by Ms. Ravinder Kaur, a student of  B.Sc. (Hons.) Physics. Dr. Amandeep Sharma read the report of the event and announced the prize winners. Dr. Ramandeep Kumar concluded the event vote of thanks and declared the event a great success. Dr. Somi Ram (Punjabi), Ms. Raman (Physics), Dr. Janpreet Singh (Physics) and Dr. Tapsi Das (Physics) were also present during the event.

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