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Gurmat Camps in 17 Villages

The university mandates to connect with the masses, particularly children and youth of the region, to the teachings of our Great Gurus so as to pass on the prophecy of the tenth Master – Guru Gobind Singh Ji, that this place would emerge as Guru Ki Kashi – a centre of spiritual learning. In this context, students and faculty members of the Department of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Studies organized 17 Gurmat Camps in 17 villages of the Malwa region of Punjab from June 3 to June29, 2019. The basic aim of the camps was to connect the youth, students and villagers with Gurbani and Sikh Philosophy and to guide them how to live a Gurmukh as a way of life. 800children, in the age group 4-20 years, participated in these camps. Gurmat Quizzes, Kavisiri, lecture and flawless recitation of Japuji Sahib competitions were organized for the participants. Each Gurmat camp concluded with the competition amongst the participants and winners were awarded with medals and certificates. People from the villages lauded the University initiative and requested for organization of more such camps in the near future. 

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