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Lecture by Ummul Kher IAS

Ummul Kher ( AIR 420 , IAS) visited our university. It was one of the bests lecture in the history of Akal University. She arose in her life from ashes like a winner. From “jhugi to crack civil services” ,her journey inspired students a lot.Ummul Kher’s family migrated from Rajasthan to Delhi while she was in 5th grade and her father, a street vendor by profession had no forethought of educating the children further. Her stubborn attitude to continue education despite hardship at home resulted in her parents disowning her. For the cause of studies, she started living in a slum at Jhuggi Jhopri (JJ) Cluster, Trilokpuri locality. Her Initial education was at Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay Institute for Physically Handicapped up till 5th grade. Once she was disowned by her parents she joined Amar Jyothi CharitableTrustt until 8th grade.Ummer quotes—“My lonely stay at Jhuggi (hut) to complete High school was more challenging than cracking UPSC exams. I had to take tuitions for meagre fees of 50-100 INR from slum dwelling kids and tuition batches used to run for marathon hours, starting from 3 P.M to 11 P.M in form of 5 batches to support myself.” Her illustrations of experiences motivated students to work seriously on their career.

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