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Inter Society Science Quiz Competition

Aside from the important benefit of improving/expanding one’s breadth of knowledge, either general or in specific areas, the style of quizzes offered are designed to be fun to participate in, and aim to provoke discussion and healthy debate amongst participants. Quizzes can be tailored to any particular audience and can be used in Universities to aid in particular subject area of study. Chemical Science Society organized a “Science Quiz Competition” on 16 Feb., 2016 in the Seminar Hall of Akal University. The aim of quiz competition was to encourage students to display their knowledge, understanding and mental skills irrespective of their ability to express it. All students from M.Sc. Chemistry and B.Sc. (Honours) Chemistry were invited to participate in quiz. Questions for quiz were framed on General Knowledge, General Science and General Chemistry. Five teams including total of 15 students were participated in this Science quiz having three participants in each team. The teams were named as: ELECTRON TEAM; PROTON TEAM; NEUTRON TEAM; HADRON TEAM; and MESON TEAM.

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