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Environment Society

“Environ-The Planet Saviour Society” aims to inculcate the sense of responsibility in the students regarding the sustainable utilization of natural resources and to teach them to live in harmony with nature, so that the the current scenario of degading environment can be changed.


  • To provide knowledge and awareness about ecosystem and resources.
  • To sensitize the students about biodiversity richness.
  • To promote scientific temperament among students.
  • To Encourage students to develop eco-friendly skills.
  • To organize seminar, guest lectures, science quizzes & other academic activities.
  • To organize educational trips.


Organizational Structure

Heads/Incharges of the Departments of Zoology, Botany and Chemistry will supervise the activities of the Society. The society will also have following office bearers:

  • Chief Coordinator (Faculty member)
  • Student Coordinators (to be elected by the society members)
  • Event Organising Coordinators (to be chosen separately for each event)


Membership Details

Students from all streams, including undergraduate, postgraduate and research scholars as well as faculty will be eligible for membership of the society.


Contact Info:

Department of Botany
Room no: C-1
Akal University
Talwandi Sabo

Department of Zoology
Room no C-201
Akal University
Talwandi Sabo

Department of Chemistry
Room no:
Akal University
Talwandi Sabo