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Dr. Manmohan Singh Business Club

Dr. Manmohan Singh Business club is a platform for interaction among students who are passionate about the practical know how of the business and want to expand their learning beyond the classroom. The club, through its events and guest lectures by academician, corporate tycoons, operates with the sole aim to provide a holistic learning experience to the budding students by keeping the spirit to innovate in-flamed all the time. The club was started in 2015-16 and presently students of Economics and Commerce department are members of this club.

Dr. Manmohan Singh Business Club has been established for the students of the undergraduate and post-graduate courses of economics department and commerce department. We envisage the business club as the place where young minds are nurtured and are given opportunities to get molded into the brightest minds. Global Leaders are best developed in ethical, multi-disciplinary, collaborative, multicultural, prac-tice oriented learning environment which must be constantly enhanced through pedagogic innovations. Thus, we create students who combine solid business acumen with an equally strong understanding of ethics, global affairs, cultures and languages. The club organizes various activities for happy learning.

1. Aims and Objectives:

To create an environment for happy learning.

1. To sharpen the skills of the students through various activities.
2. To motivate them to become initiator and learn the basics of practical business world.
3. To enhance their leadership qualities by giving them training through activities.
4. To keep them to improve their soft-skills and overall personality development.

2. Office Bearers

Coordinator: Member from faculty
Co-coordinator: A member from faculty
Student incharge : An M Com. student
Student incharge : A B Com. student

3. Membership Details (Procedure of registration and membership fee)

Society membership is compulsory for all the students of undergraduate and postgraduate students of commerce and economics departments.
Membership fee: INR 20 per semester

4. Contact Info:

Department of Commerce
Department of Economics
Akal University