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Divinity Club

Divinity and Harmony Club, Akal University has been established to encourage the participation of students in religious, cultural social affairs. The club strives to educate the students about their heritage. The clubs organises its functions from time to time on the days of religious and cultural importance. These activities help students to learn other arts along with their degrees.



  1. The principal objective of the club is to establish the feeling of harmony and brotherhood among students.
  2. The club also aims to rejuvenate the religious aspirations among the students that are being eroded by the pressures and influences of present times.
  3. The club also aims to establish communal harmony among students.
  4. The club also aims to various competitive events in order to inculcate and infuse good qualities among students.


Organisational Structure: The club will have a convener from the Department of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Studies. Along with this it will have members from all other departments of the University. The club also have student counselors who will directly interact with the teaching faculty.


Contact Info:
Department of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Studies
Room B-406 Akal University,
Talwandi Sabo.