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La Societe Botanique

The department of Botany, Akal University, proposes to establish a botanical society with name “ La Societe Botanique” for holistic development of the students of the department. All students of the department , including undergraduate, postgraduate and research scholars shall be eligible for membership of the society. The society mandate to serve the following objectives:

  1. To sensitize the students towards the importance of environment.
  2. To promote scientific temperament among students.
  3. To organize educational trips.
  4. To organize seminars, expert lectures, science quiz & other academic activities.


Organizational Structure:

Every year in beginning of academic session, one faculty member by rotation shall be the teacher coordinator of the society. Additionally, the society will also have following office bearers (elected by faculty members of the Department):

a. President
b. Vice President
c. Secretary
d. Student Coordinators (to be chosen from UG and PG classes)


Contact Info:
Department Botany department)
Room No. C_1, Akal University
Talwandi Sabo