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IT has a well-stocked Library & Learning Centre with silent study spaces; video viewing facilities; newspapers, magazines and periodicals; computers (all with Internet access and USB Ports and print facilities); and over three hundred videos/DVDs and twelve thousand books. There are no borrowing charges. The Central Library caters to the information needs of the institutes faculty, students, staff, research institutions & industries. Institute library will have around 35,000 books covering all disciplines of engineering, technology, and management. The collection in the library comprises printed documents such as books; reports, thesis, standards, atlases, patents and journal back volumes. The non-book collections include material like micro fiche/film, audio/video cassettes, and CDROM discs. It also has a separate collection of prescribed textbooks under Book Bank for the exclusive use of students. Priority is given to keeping library collections up-to-date, with an emphasis on main texts for undergraduates and taught postgraduate courses.