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Drug Free Campus

8One person (like the bartender) brings the intoxicant, another takes a cup from it; by drinking it he loses his power to think and acts as if mad; he is unable to distinguish the good from bad and is pushed away from the Master; by drinking it the Master is forgotten and one is punished in His court, Do not take such a drink if it is within your power. (SGGS, p 554).

Punjab represents a sacred portion of our country. The rich history of this ancient land has given its people a sense of native pride. Punjab is a blessed region of India that once stood witness to countless victories and triumphs. Preserved by martyrs who gave their lives to sustain the people and culture, this land was once hallowed by saints. The state is a special place and is close to the heart of India.

Once known for its life, unparalleled fertile land, joy, and vibrancy—Punjab used to set the example. But the Punjabi youth are tragically now turning their backs on their state’s legacy. As a result, the tornado of illegal drugs sweeping across the border from Pakistan and Afghanistan is sucking Punjab into an epidemic. The drug menace has intensified in Punjab over the last few years, and currently a large percentage of the Punjabi youth are severely addicted to drugs.

Recognizing the drug addiction menace in Punjab Akal University will have zero tolerance for the use of drugs and alcohol. All necessary steps will be taken to keep environment at the campus drug free.