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Unique at AU

Our endeavour at Akal University is to help the students to discriminate between the valuable and the superficial in life. To help develop the critical ability to distinguish between essence and form, or between what is of value and what is superficial, in life – this ability is to be developed not for a narrow area or field of study, but for everyday situations in life, covering the widest possible canvas. To help students develop sensitivity and awareness; leading to commitment and courage to act on their own belief. It is not sufficient to develop the ability to discriminate, it is also important to the able to act on such discrimination in a given situation. The university has following standards for itself to achieve all round excellence.

  • Value Based Education
  • Honours Schools Choice Based Credit System
  • High Quality Faculty
  • Low Fee Structure
  • Liberal Scholarships for Meritorious, Poor and Needy Students
  • State of Art Labs., Classrooms and Library
  • Totally Wifi Equipped Campus
  • 24×7 CCTV monitored Campus
  • Safe Environment for Girls
  • Drug & Ragging Free Campus
  • Special Coaching for Civil Services and other Competitive Examinations
  • Free Class for UGC-NET
  • Free Bachelors Degree in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Studies
  • High Moral Values
  • Healthy Vegetarian Food
  • Special Talks
  • Educational Visits