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Sant Attar Singh Ji

Sant Attar Singh Ji, the most widely known and respected Sant in modern times, was born at Cheema, a village in the erstwhile Jind State (now in Sangrur district of Punjab, India) on 28 March 1866.

His advocacy of education for the girl-child, and blending education with spirituality show his sense of foresightedness. Even a century back, he knew that mere scientific education would only lead to destruction, and education of the girl-child would result in the whole family getting educated.

Towards that end, he first set up a school for girls in 1906. He did that even before establishing a school for boys and Akal Degree College at Mastuana, Punjab. Eventually he established a chain of schools and colleges. He also took part in several educational conferences motivating others to establish many more schools and colleges.

Such was his goodwill and popularity as a messenger of Universal Brotherhood and Oneness, he was personally invited by Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya to lay the foundation stone of the Banaras Hindu University on 24 December 1914.